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Daily Checklist for the Warrior Mama

Motherhood can be a bit chaotic and that is how we end up at the bottom of our to-do list each day. Please accept this free checklist as my gift to you for taking the first step in prioritizing your mental health, and slowly climbing back to the top of your to-do list.

The Whole Mom

1:1 Services

Motherhood is a powerful, challenging, and pivotal point in women's lives and one we are left unprepared for.  The Whole Mom was developed to assist expecting and new moms as they transition into motherhood and beyond.  Becoming a mother, while observed to be something women have been doing forever, goes far beyond conceiving, carrying, and delivering.  While our bodies may be "designed" to do this innately, we have found that our minds do not adjust accordingly.  We cannot flip a switch and expect our minds to adjust to a place it has never been exposed to.

I fill the gap in mental and emotional preparation that is not getting addressed in the physical appointments or discussions about your overall health.  I provide insight, education, preparation, and awareness for the other crucial parts of the mom during her journey.  These stages of motherhood can be terrifying and lonely, especially without the proper education, awareness, and support around the mental health components of postpartum.  We cannot expect moms to effectively transition into the fourth trimester and beyond without this information.


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